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Don´t make the mistake of being gas monoproducers

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He suggests that the advantages offered by the Free Zone could be a basis for generating a petrochemical industry in the region.

The president of the Latin American Mining and Energy Association, Edmundo Laporte, urged national and regional authorities to concentrate their efforts on the industrialization of unconventional gas reserves recently discovered in the Magallanes Region, which amount to 8 , 3 trillion cubic feet.

"I, having been born and raised in Venezuela, know the error of becoming a single-producer economy, and I believe that the potential that I see in Chile and in Magallanes in the hydrocarbons industry is very high and very good. You have 8 trillion cubic feet of gas. And to give you an idea of ​​what that number means, I can say that it represents twice as much of what ENAP has extracted in the last 70 years, "he said.

Laporte participated in the second day of the Chilean Congress of Petroleum and Energy that takes place in the Hotel Dreams of Punta Arenas. "For me to be in Chile is an honor, because most of my university professors were Chileans and very good," he said with a little nostalgia.

- At the regional level, this potential is recognized, but the obstacle is oil prices and the costs that increase because we are far away.

"Magellan is far from the main centers of consumption, it is true. But today, Chile is selling gas to Argentina and Brazil that are interconnected markets and that allows them an option to distribute their gas by lowering their costs. "

"But my advice is that today, in the hydrocarbons sector, the key is to try not only to sell raw materials, but also products with added value such as the generation of a petrochemical industry and the basis for this type of Industry is gas. So the area could become an area that manufactures plastics and polyethylenes that are highly demanded by developed countries. "

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